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street Liściasta 86 / al.Włókniarzy 91-357, Łódź (Nobo Hotel)

(+48) 608 525 555 / (+34) 613 620 716 / (+48) 501 564 432

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JAMI 91-357 Łódź street Liściasta 86
NIP: 728-198-33-91
Regon: 472957399
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PKO BP: 66 1020 3408 0000 4402 0376 9775

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Nobo Hotel

NoBo Hotel *** Łódź is an ideal place for conferences, trainings, workshops or integration meetings. We offer two air-conditioned, fully equipped conference rooms with natural lighting and a free, guarded car park. For those who value special comfort, we offer superior rooms with many amenities and air conditioning. The hotel is perfectly located – in the heart of Poland. From here, you will also quickly get to the city center and to Piotrkowska Street, famous throughout Europe, known for the largest number of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Click and check:

Sote Restaurant

The “Sote” restaurant is a fully air-conditioned, spacious place that is suitable for both small meetings and lavish banquets. The restaurant is an ideal place for a delicious breakfast, a quick lunch, a gala family dinner or an official business dinner. We are open to the most individual needs of our guests. We treat each event – private or business – in a unique way. With great care and precision, we will help you choose the right menu and wines to go with the dishes, music, decor and refine all important details. Click and check:

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